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The Early Childhood Development Project which Topsy SA initiated last year is making giant strides.....

The first phase of the ECD programme, the implementation of a central educational toy library at Grootvlei, (Topsy SA’s premises in Mpumalanga), which distributes the specialized educational toys and equipment on a rotational basis to the pre-schools, is now up and running. The set up at Grootvlei offers a safe and stimulating environmnent in which the children can learn and explore both inside and outside. The impact these engaging and fun educational resources are having on the children visiting Grootvlei is tangible from the photos shown.

Topsy however still has some way to go before all 23 pre-schools are fully resourced, not only with the educational toys and the refurbishement of the existing day care centres, which are, at the moment mostly corrugated shacks but also with trained teachers to guide the children while they take their first steps to a healthy and more hopeful future.

Deep in thought

An early introduction to Food Technology

Almost there.......

This is fun

A balancing act

Back to school for Hilary

One of many day care centres next in line for refurbishment and resourcing

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