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A new Topsy initiative to ensure that the orphaned and vulnerable children get the best start in life

The ECD Project arose from a recognised gap in the provision of early years’ development and is an addition to Topsy SA’s Orphan and Vulnerable (OVC) Programme. The ECD project was set up to meet the urgent developmental needs of children in their formative years.  This project encompasses the physical, cognitive, social and language skills for young, disadvantaged children in the Dipaseleng communities.


The ECD project includes:


  • The provision of a central  Topsy Educational Resource Centre.

  • 27 early learning centres, many of which remain under resourced, all have access to the Topsy centre on a rotation basis.

  • Regular health checks for some 2000 children in the project

  • Training opportunities for the staff at the early learning centres

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the training

  • Supporting 8 primary schools

  • School-linked vegetable garden providing fresh food for the children and families every month


Studies in Early Child Development have shown that engagement through early learning programmes give children the best chance of breaking the poverty cycle.

Children who have benefited from ECD projects are more likely to:


  • Have improved social and emotional behaviour,

  • Stay in school later in life

  • Have increased earning potential as adults


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