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Topsy SA’s main focus area of care and protection is the OVC (orphaned and vulnerable children) Programme of which the ECD (Early Child Development) Project is a major part.


The ECD project was initiated at the end of 2014 and a number of milestones already have been reached


Around 1400 children now attend the 23 day care centres and the centre for special needs children with Topsy SA providing practitioner training, educational resources, medical and psychosocial support, as well as food security.


Topsy has 88 Educational Practitioners, including principals in the ECD day care centres.  An ongoing formal and informal training programme is in place.


Around 50 children a month received educational and nutritional support every month by attending Topsy’s after school programme which is run by a qualified school teacher.  


60 children received school uniforms, as well as food and hygiene parcels for themselves and their families every month.


By July 2016, 147 individual vegetable gardens were maintained, providing nutrition to 457 beneficiaries per month.  29 communal vegetable gardens fed on average 4000 beneficiaries eachy month.


Over 200 people, adults and children, received food and hygiene parcels each month

On average, 530 home visits were performed every month by Topsy SA's community health care workers. 


Almost 400 children received full medical checks every month by qualified medical staff.  Medication for opportunistic infections and x-ray facilities were provided when necessary.


A total of 648 pap smears were carried out and 51 women received colposcopic biopsies. Women with abnormal results were referred to tertiary institutions, with transport provided by Topsy SA.


A total number of 1,455 medical male circumcisions were performed during this period.

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