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"THE TREASURE HUNTER & THE SCULPTRESS - Artists Open Houses, Brighton in May"

Jeff Rodrigues, a Topsy Trustee, and Marek Emczek Olszewiski at Jeff's Artists Open House. with one of Dee Stanford's pieces in the middle and one of Marek's behind.

Marek's artform is photography, complex and captivating with reflections, geometry and silhouettes which transform and transcend and transfix the viewer. Marek exhibits across Europe and his work has been auctioned at Emin and Howard. For more information on Marek and his work go to

Originally from the UK, Dee Stanford has spent most of her adult life living in Cape Town where she worked on her sculptures and paintings, learning primitive methods and blending them with a more Western approach.

Dee exhibited in 2012 at The York and Albany, Regent’s Park; the Art For Youth Show at The Royal College of Arts; the Bentliff exhibition at The Maidstone Museum and The Hazlitt Theatre in Kent.

Winner of the Cork Street Open Exhibition Prize 2013 and the Visitors Choice Prize. and winner of the Best Sculpture Prize at the ING Discerning eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries 2013, Dee is also a trained architect . To find out more about Dee's work go to‎

Both Marek and Dee are supporting Topsy by donating 10% of the proceeds of all art sold over the 4 weekends in May. Why not support Topsy too and enjoy a memorable morning or afternoon with the artists.

Address: 14 Harrington Road, Brighton, BN1 6RE

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