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JJ's Topsy Fundraiser

Amidst the horror of Covid 19, there have been many acts of kindness and generosity. Topsy is fortunate to be the beneficiary of one such act.

17 year old JJ Ghosh decided to do something positive with his time during Lockdown in the UK. He decided to help some of the most unfortunate and disadvantaged amongst us.

While hunkering down, he decided to use his time training for a half marathon on 30 May to fundraise for the Topsy Foundation UK. He has also recruited some of his friends to join him in this fundraiser to run, cycle and row 21.1 kms.

JJ’s family have long supported Topsy SA - from initially providing relief for the orphans left behind when AIDs ravaged South Africa to the establishment of the ECD programme. Both programmes included food security with the establishment of vegetable gardens and the provision of food parcels for households earning no more than £45 per month!

This provision and distribution of food parcels to the children and their carers in the rural disadvantaged communities in Mpumalanga that Topsy serves has been particularly difficult during South Africa’s severe Covid-19 Lockdown rules. The severe effects on economic activity has presented a huge challenge in meeting the surge in the level of need that has arisen, particularly for children.

If you are able, please support these young fundraisers who have given their time to train and fundraise to support Topsy and the children. Your donation, no matter how small, will go a long way to provide relief. You can support JJ, his friends and this cause by donating here:…/showROFundraiserPage

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