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Topsy’s aim is to make a success of the Sewing Project and to develop participants in the project into successful, skilled breadwinners. To give the project direction under expert guidance, and to develop a product range under a successful brand that fills a gap in the market,


Topsy has recently entered into partnership with Ilithuba, an organisation that specializes in helping NPOs to establish and nurture successful social enterprises. Ilithuba was founded by Tina Craig who has a background in Community Development and a passion for skills development.


Early in 2009, new plans for the project were presented to members of the communities. The Sewing Project serves as an excellent illustration of Topsy’s striving for sustainability.


A lot of work has taken place to establish the Topsy brand with the public. The aim is to have eight outlets in South Africa stocking Topsy products by the end of 2009.  Beadwork items are used on Topsy’s sewn products, and in-house purchasing of beadwork items from our sister Beadwork Project will mean an increase in sales of Topsy beadwork.

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