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Within 12 months, Topsy aims to have
70-75 individuals benefitting from the project.

Training and skills development are important components of working with people affected by HIV and AIDS, since the disease is exacerbated by poverty. When people have skills, they are more likely to find or create work, which provides an income, and better enables households to deal with poverty. More importantly, training creates a platform upon which AIDS awareness and education can initiated. Without hope for the future, and sufficient income to meet the nutritional needs of their families, many people in poor rural communities are unlikely to take the threat of HIV and AIDS seriously; it is just one of many issues affecting their lives.

Training and skills development are central to the work of the Topsy Foundation. People living in the rural area served by Topsy have benefited from numerous projects are designed to generate income for participants, and to help Topsy become as economically self-sustainable as possible. Each project is managed as a separate business unit.

Staff are given the opportunity to develop their skills as part of their day-to-day work. For example, over and above the initial training they received, the fieldworkers receive regular training.


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